Artificial Intelligence: Mankind’s Greatest Step Towards A Digital World!

We are becoming smarter with new technologies, especially with Artificial Intelligence. With the time continuously changing its course, mankind has continued to keep up and has shown great potential as a living race. It has learned to survive, adapt, overcome, and co-operate with various elements in their surroundings. Mankind’s curiosity to learn is a scary thing, and the potential human brain exhibits are marvelous. With each passing day, discoveries are being made, and new technologies are being developed.

The study of science and its branches has made mankind accomplish numerous achievements, and some of them are even unbelievable. Currently, there are tonnes of gadgets, technologies, and inventions out there that are intended to make survival easier for mankind. Light bulbs, telephones, digital cameras, computers, smartphones, etc are examples of gadgets that have significantly contributed towards the digitalization of the world.

A digital world means a world where almost every process whether commercial or non-remunerative can be achieved by technical means, i.e., minimizing the use of manual labor and doing what is needed to be done with the help of science and technology. Computers are the basic requirements for work to be done digitally. They can produce answers to arithmetical problems and are able to compare quantities, which makes them helpful for financial means.

Our technologies are getting ‘smart’ with each passing day. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a technology that is responsible for the ‘smart’ actions of our computers and smartphones. The primary purpose of AI is to make these devices more user-friendly and more ‘human-like.’ In this article, we’ll discuss everything that one needs to know about artificial intelligence or simply ‘AI.’

What is Artificial Intelligence?

A few decades ago, artificial intelligence was defined by Minsky and McCarthy, the fathers of the field. According to them, artificial intelligence is described as any task performed by a program or a machine that if a human were to do the same task, that humans would’ve needed to apply his intelligence in order to accomplish that task.

In simpler words, AI is something that performs various tasks digitally (by means of a machine or a technology) which in general requires human intelligence to be completed. This definition is certainly pretty vague, and arguments over whether something is AI or not are pretty normal.

Systems equipped with AI are capable of doing various tasks that when are to be completed by humans require the application of human’s mental and physical abilities. In other words, AI does tasks that involve reasoning, application of logic, learning, accurate perception of information, representation and the ability to solve problems as well.

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AI serves numerous purposes and has played a massive role in development in the field of computers and tech that require the use of computer.AI has made our gadgets ‘smart’ in a really easy manner. As mentioned earlier, AI is a milestone in the process of digitalization of the world.

So on what basis is that statement framed? How exactly has AI contributed, and how will it continue to contribute to this cause? What are the technologies that use AI for now? Are there any disadvantages of AI and it’s usage? All of these questions are answered later in this article.

‘Machine learning’ is sometimes wrongly interpreted as AI; however, that’s not the case. Machine learning refers to a simple process by which a computer can learn a skill. On the other hand, an AI-equipped computer can ‘think’ for itself without being programmed to do so or to put it simply; AI-equipped gadgets/technologies possess the abilities to analyze and produce results by themselves.

The principle behind the working of AI follows the same way a human brain works, although a human brain is far more capable and reliable. The potential of a human brain is almost infinite. That’s also one of the reasons why the human race is undergoing changes and developing at a rapid rate.AI was designed to introduce/increase interaction between gadgets/technologies and us humans. It certainly is responsible for bringing unbelievable change in the world.

The things AI could do were terrific to such extent that many people assumed that one day, AI would be able to stand on equal terms with the human brain. Although nobody knows what is going to happen in the future, one thing is certain that it’d probably take a few more decades for AI to be that capable. It is not something most people are going to believe anyway.

AI is a simple process of assessing the info provided and producing the desired result quickly, just like any other computer would do. The thing that makes AI different is that it doesn’t need any command or instructions except the input information itself to produce the desired result. Although AI is a complex thing if looked at from the view of a general consumer, it already has spread to the whole world in the nick of time.

AI has become part of our daily lives. We use AI without even realizing it.

Types of AI and it’s usage in day to day lives:

AI is broadly divided into two types:



Narrow AI can be described as AI, which is being used in fulfilling day to day purposes or the AI which is being used in computers today. These computers are intelligent computers that have been taught the way of carrying out various tasks without being specifically programmed to carry out one individual task. This type of AI is used in our phones as well.

Various assistants like Siri and Google assistant imply the usage of narrow AI through features like language recognition. Many self-driving cars also use this AI type. Since this AI can only learn to do the tasks that are specified, it is known as narrow AI. Narrow AI is quite capable of its own. It can interpret information in variable forms and can perform tasks involving organization and analysis. It can also sort out the required information if it’s in a bunch of other useless stuff as well.

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General AI is a lot different from narrow AI in many ways. Artificial general intelligence is the type of intellect that is adaptable and flexible. In simpler words, it is somewhat similar to human intellect.

The flexibility of the human brain and intellect is too high. The brain can store any amount of information regardless of the differences in their sources and variation in them. General AI can learn how to carry out different tasks that are vastly different from each other. This is what flexibility is. This type of AI is generally seen in science fiction movies like the movie The Terminator. General AI also accumulates experiences as it continues performing a broad variety of tasks.

Pointing out the fundamental differences between various types of AI was necessary as that’d educate the mass about the different kinds of purpose AI serves. The two broad categories mentioned above cover almost all of the daily life usage of AI by us.

Offices, schools, shops, hospitals, etc use AI to organize information about employees, students, workers, and patients.AI reduces a lot of workloads and is very fast in terms of processing. As mentioned earlier, we use AI without even realizing it. It is present in our phones, in our computers, in various public places and even in home appliances.

The usage of AI helps humans avoid tedious works as well. So it won’t be wrong to state that a human and an AI can work together to produce greater results incomparably lesser time period. This is already into implementation from a long time ago, which has undoubtedly boosted the general productivity.AI has earned a lot of trust over the past few years and is considered reliable by many. Online actions like bill payments and shopping also make the use of AI for efficiency in those actions.

AI has brought the world a lot closer than before. Currently, AI and its consequences are a hot topic of debate in the tech world. Yes, there are few downsides to AI as well, but the fact that it already has imposed its impact on our daily lifestyle cannot be denied. Smartphones, music streaming services, social media, video games, navigation and travel, and many more such services use AI to get user-friendly and work with quite efficiency.AI also contributes a lot in security services as well.

Thus, the above examples depict how AI has bought a change in our lifestyle by making almost everything easier to do. However, it has a fair share of disadvantages. A few of them are discussed below.

Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, despite being one of the most revolutionary inventions, has its share of disadvantages. The very first and most basic disadvantage is that AI can never replace human intelligence. This statement, despite being a disadvantage for AI itself, is a reassuring statement at the same time.

This fact would help people realize the worth of human intellect and the brain. They will realize that no matter how smart a machine may become, it can never surpass humans. It was created by humans in the first place. Making people idle would count as another disadvantage too. It’s true that AI makes interacting and working with machines easier, but it makes us lazier too.

Many people start depending on AI too much. This might affect their health, as well. Artificial Intelligence is not able to develop as a person.No matter how much advanced or intelligent it becomes, the fact that it is a mere piece of technology doesn’t change.

People should stop depending too much on machines to do their work and should start paying more attention to their health, and other aspects.AI can also be a cause of unemployment as employees in many fields are being replaced by AI. Its continuous usage may also result in diminished thinking abilities of a human.


Artificial intelligence has become an essential part of our day to day lifestyle, and we’ve discussed its impact on our work profile too. It reduces plenty of workloads and is able to perform tasks that require human intelligence as well. We make use of AI in our computers, smartphones, home appliances, etc. without even realizing it.

A large number of people have access to AI and its features all across the globe. They are using it for various purposes, be commercial or non-remunerative. AI is an essential part of a digital world.AI is human-like intellect, but without the presence of humans. The abilities of AI have already been discussed above.

We all know how important AI has become to us, and it keeps evolving day by day. It is continuously being updated with the latest features which would help it a lot in the long run. However, AI also has its disadvantages, the biggest of them being it’s a dependency.

People in today’s date are dependent too much on AI, which makes them lazy and sluggish. They let AI do all the work for them. This might have bad effects on their health as well. We need to realize that no matter how great technology gets, it will never be a match for humans.

AI has no notable disadvantages so far, it’s misuse has created those disadvantages. Many consider that in the upcoming decades AI might become as capable as human intellect. It isn’t something we can decide or guess. However, even if AI manages to stand on par with the human brain in the future, it can never be as flexible or creative as a human brain.

AI is an exceptional technology that has helped the world develop a lot in many ways, but it’s also our duty to make sure that we make good use of artificial intelligence rather than misusing it. Artificial intelligence’s positive and judiciary use is certainly going to lead us forward in the direction in which a more closer, more connected, and more peaceful world awaits us.

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