What is All in One Computer, Advantages & Disadvantages of AIO PC


Time flies fast, leaving traces of evidence of evolution behind. The invention of computers was undoubtedly one of the best things to ever happen to the human race. With time, technologies got more and more advanced, hence consistently bringing new stuff for us to explore. One such thing is an All in One computer. Although it’s a type of computer, it’s completely different from what image we form in our mind of a computer.

It’s a type of computer where all the necessary components that make a computer workable are aggregated together in one compartment for the primary motive of compatibility. So basically all the stuff that a computer needs to run is put together in a monitor, and that’s it! That’s your computer right there, an All in One computer! You don’t need a cabinet(a box where the CPU other important stuff is put together in typical desktop systems) at all which in itself is a great thing.

All in One computer are meant to be easily portable devices but with all those features that a desktop can provide. But wait, aren’t laptops for the same purpose? So what’s the difference and why there’s a need for both of them? We’ll discuss all these details later in this article. The very first All in One computer was introduced in the year 1998, and it was none other than the Apple iMac. After the debut of very first All in One computer, many companies followed and launched their models of All in One computer. They all were different from each other and boasted tonnes of features as well. In these articles, we shall discuss all the All in One computers, their advantages and disadvantages too. 

Advantages of All in One computer:

There are numerous advantages of All in One computer. We shall discuss those advantages and their effect in day to day lifestyle in this section.

  • The most obvious advantage of all is Compatibility. All in One computer, as already mentioned before are quite compact and easy to carry as all the components of a desktop are integrated into one place, that place being the monitor itself. Therefore all you need is peripherals like a keyboard and a mouse, and you’re good to go. You can carry it with you and wonder how great it feels to carry your desktop with yourself.
  • All the components present in an All in One computer are mobile designed which is beneficial in more than one way.
  • They consume less power and generate comparatively lesser heat. They still don’t fail at delivering performance that’s expected from them. The monitor is stylish and slim with all the components including the processor inside it.
  • A display with fewer bezels and a comprehensive view would please anybody. Since the monitor is the only thing you get if you go for an All in One computer, you’ve got to be concerned about the display. But that’s one thing you needn’t worry about. The compatibility, the integration of components which are small-sized and bang-on performance along with with a bigger screen iconic display, that’s all most people need to spend their weekends peacefully!
  • All in One computer are a boon for people who are media-centric. They take up less space, they’re compact, their display is quite pleasing, and they perform excellent depending on what variant or model does the user choose. The property of being small-sized has a devastating effect on all other advantages. The reason that All in One computer take up less space is a relief for most people who work in cramped places.
  • The prices of All in One computer can be counted as an advantage as well. Depending on what work people need to do on their computer, they have a lot of choices to select from. However, for many cases, buying an All in One computer might be the best choice.
  • All in One computer exhibit a lot of features for a different range of prices accordingly, and there’s a high probability that one might get all he wants in an All in One computer.
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Disadvantages of All in One computer:

Everything has two sides to it, a good one and a bad one. They both are essential for maintaining balance and avoiding one-sided situations. With numerous advantages mentioned above, All in One computer have their fair share of disadvantages as well.

  • Laptops: The very existence of laptops act as a disadvantage for All in One computer.
    Laptops are cheaper (in most cases), they’re more stylish, and above all, they’re even smaller than All in One computer. Laptops come in a wide range of variety and prices. They are sleek, and their performance is their key feature. Despite the fact that laptops are even more smaller than All in One computer, they too deliver pitch-perfect performances most of the time. There are numerous kinds of laptops available today. Users have a wide range of options to choose from according to their preferences and liking.

As mentioned before, so why is there a need for both of them?

The answer is Screen and display. In the advantages section, it has been mentioned that All in One computer much please people who are media-centric which means a bigger screen and display is their very first priority.
So it won’t be surprised if one goes for an All in One instead of a laptop. They both have their equal shares of advantages and disadvantages.

  • The only advantage All in One computer have over a desktop is that of their size, and that’s it. This also acts as a disadvantage. Many computer freaks always prefer things to go their own way. They will always choose to build their pc rather than getting an already built and compact one. The reason is very logical.
  • Building a desktop is far more efficient, and the performance it can deliver is unquestionable.
    All in One computer are generally costlier than desktops; hence unless portability is a really important issue, one might not prefer All in One computer.


As already mentioned before, everything has a good and a bad side to it. The invention of computers has boosted mankind’s wish for continuous evolution. All in One the computer is a great invention and serve their purpose excellently. Today numerous companies are offering a vast range of All in One computer for different prices and each one of them is packed with a unique feature or two. In the end, it all comes down to the user’s choice, his budget, his needs, and preferences. Technology and time will continue to advance at its pace, and we’ll be seeing more and more new and amazing stuff like an All in One computer shortly in the near future as well.

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